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Hello all: I have looking for the right link for Managing Change as subcategory from Application Development. Guess that it should be listed here, but I´m not sure. Help wellcome...

High Jorge, I've added the Managing Change link to the Main Page which is currently protected from vandalism Jez 20:18, 16 April 2007 (GMT)


Category:Tips and Tricks

Should we add this category into the section "Application Development" in order to categorize those pages for an easy access?

About RSS feed

This is a preliminary comment, because I´m testing it yet. I have seen an extrange behavior with the RSS feed: I have added it to my personal Google Reader, and have received a list of six or seven news. Later, I have added a Google control (FeedControl) to another page and server, in order to test the control, and, for a couple of days, there was no feeds added (empty area for Plex Wiki). However, now have received the first one, which was sent to both sites. Probably it is an issue "Google related", because Google mantains a key identifying the control owner, but take it for your own tests. I´m looking for an explanation... Months new issues. Working well.

Changes on CA feeds

All CA related feed are outdated. I would change them, but there is no access (not for me at least) to edit such page. Could someone change them? All current feeds at Note it is possible to open a feed for a given tag.

About Pages to work on

A question on the goal of this page: it is a list of matters to develop? how it was selected? If an article is required, how it would be classified? Indeed most of them could be started.

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