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Current Supported Releases

These are the releases supported by CA together with a brief list of new features in each release. Check the CA Support web site for End of Service notifications about Plex releases.

CA Plex 7.1

GA; Feb 2014

  • Generic .NET Runtime Bootstrap Executable
  • WinC/WinNTC DLL File Version Marking
  • .NET Client Localization Support
  • C++ Client Testing Tool Support
  • C# Client Testing Tool Support (UID)
  • Additional Keycode Support for GUI Panels
  • .NET Client ActiveX Control Support
  • C# Code Library Executable Support
  • Access Book shelf from CA Plex IDE

CA Plex 7.0

GA: March 2012

  • .NET Client Application Generator
  • Plex Packager Tool
  • Web Service Import
  • WCF Proxy
  • IBM i Unicode Support
  • JavaBeans Native Replacement
  • IBM i Dispatcher Enhancement

CA Plex 6.1

GA: Dec 2008 Dev Alias - Pinatubo

  • Model-based Service development
  • .NET WCF service generator plug-in
  • Extended PlexAPI and integrated Object Browser Add-Ins
  • Group Model Update History
  • IPv6 support
  • Windows Vista dev environment support
  • 64-bit Windows support
  • Improved Java/C# debugging
  • Java/C# scalability improvements
  • SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008, Oracle 11g
  • Visual Studio 2005 for C++
  • More...

Past Releases

CA Plex 6.0

GA: June 2007 Dev Alias - Krakatoa

  • C# server generator
  • ANT Java builds
  • Code Libraries for JAR files and .NET assemblies
  • System i long password support
  • Visual Studio 2005 for C++
  • More...

AllFusion Plex 5.50SP1

GA: August 2005 Dev Alias - Hawaii

  • WinC COM Connectors
  • COM Hyper and C++ long_long data type support
  • Visual Studio 2003 for C++
  • More...

Advantage Plex 5.50

GA: August 2004 Dev Alias - Hawaii

  • RPG IV Generator
  • .NET-enabled COM Connectors
  • COM Component Import
  • CA Licensing (replaced Crypkey)
  • WinNTC Database Row Caching
  • Java Server Multiple Database Connections
  • Java Runtime Performance Improvements
  • Action Diagram Change Dates
  • Improved Localization Support (fully externalized literals)
  • Improved EBCDIC Translation (GXT files)
  • Visual Studio 2003 for C++

Advantage Plex 5.10SP1

GA: March 2003 Dev Alias - Fiji

  • Visual C++ 6.0

Advantage Plex 5.10

GA: October 2002 Dev Alias - Fiji

  • EJB Option, including EJB Connectors.
  • EJB Runtime Proxy
  • JDBC Data Sources
  • Model Object Import/Export
  • Java Enhancements including Select Where and stored procedure support
  • Multi-Selection List Boxes (WinC and Java)

Older Releases

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