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From version 5.0 Plex provides a COM-based API with over 50 methods which can be called from outside the tool.


  • Plex 5.0, 5.1, 5.5: version 1.0 of the API
  • Plex 6.0: version 2.0 of the API
  • Plex 6.1: version 3.0 of the API
  • Plex 7.0 introduces 5 new methods for the API. There are now 92 methods available.

SDMdlAPI Pattern Library

There is a free pattern library available from Register and login to download. This library enables Plex developers to write tools or wizards using Plex as the development tool.

For more information see .\documentation\SDModelAPI.htm in the downloaded .zip-File


Lee Dare has written a few blogs at on the ModelAPI.

Part 1 - What got me interested in the ModelAPI

Part 2 - Overview of how the ModelAPI works

Part 3 - Key API Methods

Part 4 - Tutorial in C#.NET

These are all consolidated in the easier to read pdf document below. The completed tutorial (Part IV) is also available to download and use with no licensing or copyright. Enjoy. Lee.

Download: ModelAPISeries.pdf ~3.38MB

Download: ~52.9KB - Visual Studio 2008


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