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C# and .NET development first appeared in CA Plex 6.0. In this version, C# server code can be generated and packages as .NET managed artifacts such as modules and assemblies. This capability was further augmented by CA Plex 6.1, with the added capability to generate WCF web services.

Best Practices

The following document contains basic explanations of the concepts behind C# / .NET development, and provides guidance on usable mechanisms to implement different practices. It is not intended to be a set of standards, but can be used as guidance for an organization to incorporate .NET packaging into their CA Plex development standards. This document is of particular relevance for developers upgrading C++ servers to C#. There is a section on an automated build and deploy strategy using Cruise Control .NET, a popular .NET open source deployment tool based on Ant.

This document was published with the kind permission of the South Carolina Judicial Department, and was developed as a collaboration between ADC Austin, IIDEA, and CCH, with assistance from CA.

CA Plex C# Best Practices PDF

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