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CA Press Release, July 2007:

Microsoft case study:

AllFusion Plex 32.png New Features in 6.0

C# Server Generator and .NET runtime

  • Built on the .NET Framework 2.0
    • Designed for runtime backwards compatibility (like the Java generator)
    • Typically, no rebuild will be required when upgrading to a new release.
  • OLE DB for data access (including MS SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2)
    • Supports all Plex data access features (multiple db connections, Exec SQL, NULL values and so on)
    • Supports Oracle and SQL Server from a single set of binaries (no re-gen and build like WinNTC)
    • Designed to support additional db protocols in the future, such as SQL Native Client, without rebuilding.
  • Rich interoperability with Java, System i, Unmanaged C++ and hand-coded .NET systems
    • No need to redesign existing Plex client applications.
    • Provides XML-based .NET DataSet interfaces to C# functions.
  • Full pattern library support
    • FOUNDATION and OBASE library variants
    • New CSAPI library encapsulates useful C# source code objects.
  • Plex Application Management Console for .NET
    • All the functionality of the WinNTC Dispatch Manager and Environment Manager plus much, much more.
    • Plex .NET Runtime runs either as a command-line app or a Windows Service.
    • Detailed application management information on connected users, threads and database connections.
  • Watch the video.

And More...

  • Customizable Java ANT Build and C# MSbuild environments
  • "Code Library" JAR file and .NET Assembly modeling
    • Model-driven application packaging for .NET and Java
    • Supports .NET assemblies and modules
    • Supports digital signing of JARs and .NET assemblies
  • Java runtime performance improvements
    • J2SE 5.0 support
    • Reusable Exec SQL prepared statement generation
  • Object field support for easy integration with 3rd party Java and C# classes
  • i5/OS Long Password Support
    • Up to 128 characters long, dependent on QPWDLVL system value
    • Supported by all connecting platforms (Java, C# and C++)
  • Visual Studio 2005 support for Unmanaged C++ builds
    • Standard edition or higher.
  • Input validation for edit masks in Java Desktop Clients
  • Default Mapping for API Calls and Messages
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